A portrait of someone who looks a lot like someone who is not me.

My name is Narayan Nayar. I’ve been hurling electrons at the masses for almost 30 years, starting with BBS systems and dialup in the mid-80s. So by all means step aside and let a pro like me handle this whole posting-on-the-Internet thing (which I swear will become popular someday). My former site, etherfarm, was the recipient of all sorts of awards that I gave myself, but it’s currently on hiatus (a Latin word meaning “out for a taco”). In March 2018 I began using as my general-purpose blog, documenting my varied and ultimately futile endeavors.

I’m a formerly-thirty-something year old residing just outside Chicago in a village named Oak Park with my wife, my son and daughter, a few dogs, and probably a stowaway millipede or two. I grew up in the (very) rural suburbs of Chicago, moved to the city for a wee bit of college (but really just to ride the El), then in a fit of madness moved to Maine to flyfish then to California to… I don’t remember. In any case, I was gone for 15 years and missed Chicago and the Midwest for about 16 of those. I’ve been back for a while now and couldn’t be happier.

At various times in my life people called me a designer, but all-things-work are well-documented on another site. My interests include photography, woodworking, travel, flyfishing, bicycling, architecture and all-things-food. Occasionally I do some work for and with my good friends at Lost Art Press. And I’m usually wearing a hat. I am currently taking a break from employment to spend time with my kids before they grow up and realize they have better things to do than spend time with me.